My Teaching Philosophy

My Journey to Education

My journey began while working in the education system I got to work along side some amazing teachers and I experienced what a teacher goes throughout their day with planning and developing new plans. This made me think of all the incredible teachers I looked up to as role models who encouraged me to continue my education. As a substitute teacher and Educational Assistant, I loved working with the children which made me pursue a career as a future teacher.

My Beliefs and Values

As an indigenous person my core values and beliefs are to incorporate multiculturalism and diversity into the classroom by including cultures, ways of knowing and languages into the curriculum. The school should be a place whereby incorporating these values will help encourage students to express their identities and be aware of the many cultures around them and that learning is key to help them be successful in life. As a teacher I will acknowledge and respect the different worldviews and values within my classroom. Having a welcoming environment for all students and families can have a positive outcome with the community. Students who feel confident to express their voices are more successful in the classroom which I aim to achieve. As teachers and future educators, we will see challenges on how to meet the expectations of our students which I aim to help them succeed in their academic paths by building a classroom which nurtures those strengths. I expect that all students will succeed differently as every child has different learning skills and learns in their own way. I will acknowledge the protocols of the classroom as well as the curriculum that better the needs of my students which I also feel it is important to acknowledge language and culture.

Educational Beliefs

I believe as teachers we need to teach not only the curriculum but also teach virtue, wisdom and to welcome all cultures into the classroom that builds student/teacher relationships. I believe having that positive relationship with the student helps them feel more comfortable and safer in the classroom. I believe it has to be someone they can trust and confide in as a result they will be more likely to participate actively in the class, build that connection, and challenge themselves academically. I also believe that my students deserve an equal opportunity to learn. I aim to instill positive principles into students with essential motivation to learn in all subjects.

I believe that education needs to teach students more than just information but to be positive in their life experiences and I think that inclusive education should be a priority. Whereby providing resources in the classroom can challenge cultural and social norms. Also, I think that by incorporating an environmental education inside and outside the classroom children can learn from their natural environment which can work towards a holistic education.


I hope to instill in my students respect and to follow their dreams and by having “open-mindedness” being allowed to be openly in my classroom can help to support and show the morality of a society. I do not believe that children should be restricted in thought but the be creative and to be supported by their teachers. While I do not think there is a correct way to know how to best teach a student, I believe that children are our future and by working together we can help students achieve their full potential in school and in life.

1 thought on “My Teaching Philosophy

  1. Jeron Kletzel

    Hi Rosalie, thank you for sharing your educational philosophy! I agree with so much you said and do believe that education needs to be inclusive and provide students with positive life experiences while learning. I like how you shared your journey to education! As someone who graduated high school a couple years ago, I find it interesting knowing where people are coming and why they decided to pursue a career in education. This was a great read and made me think about what I would include in my philosophy. Thank you!



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