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Views on how technology has changed: What does it say for the Classroom.

Throughout the weeks being in this class gave me an understanding/insight of what and how technology has changed dramatically. This makes me think of when I was a young kid like my daughters age, I would listen to my music on my Walkman, cassette tape or from my mp3 player. Now we have all that on a phone or can upload from an app that can be used within the classroom virtually. When I found a VHS player and mentioned it to my girls, right away she asked “what is that and what was it for”. I remember before Facebook was created there was Bebo and msn (laughing). Now today, kids are so into different kinds of technology and games make us think of what can we do as future educators to how we would include technology within the classroom respectfully and safely as well as teach students about the proper way to use technology especially in the classroom. I didn’t own my first phone till my girl was about 3 or 4 and now as soon as I get up I’m checking my phone. Personally, I am not one for social media other than having a Facebook but being in this class has opened my eyes to what is really out there and how to go about teaching and including technology in the classroom.

I was confused when our instructor used the concept participatory culture when we were in class, this got me thinking about technology of how often we as adults use our phone and other technology everyday from when we wake up to when we go to bed. A few months ago when the internet went out, I’m not sure the reason was but anyways that was insane as I kept asking my sister if she had connection and i would constantly check my phone or refresh to see if it went back on. if that happened when i was younger, it wouldn’t have even made a dent as playing out with my friends is what was on my mind.

What's the Story with Social Media Today? - Ron Foth Advertising

Wesch’s video mentions how different our world is today from back then of how social media’s are so different that they are accessible by a click of a button. Technology and the internet is constantly evolving and this can be said about in his YouTube video. He highlights how people are connected to technology by the many links that helps them connect to others which is so different from back when we only had landlines to communicate. People and kids are exposed to new medias everyday. For the classroom, on the topic of how to make education safer with technology in the classroom and the use of it, we as teachers have a responsibility to educate and teach our students on the proper way to use technology and have open conversations so they have an understanding of how to be safe especially when it comes to social media because some medias can affect how they see themselves and the world around them. Media is changing and we as educators it is important to have a better understanding of what our students are exposed to such like TikTok, Snapchat, Roblox, and other medias so adapting is a good way with our ever changing world. thinking about our students, technology can benefit the classroom and future schools as it can be used as a resource or a means of helping our students communicate but with the benefits we must remember technology can be dangerous as well so educating our students is important. Personally, I think finding the balance is key to go about using technology in the classroom.