Trying out something different with my beading – Learning Post #5

For my post for this week I decided to try out something different with my beading. Normally I would do a brick stitch diamond shape earring as that is only what my sister taught me however, I wanted to see if I can make something a bit more fun and difficult as that’s what I like to do, challenge myself. I wanted to make more of a round shape sort of type of earrings so I did a bit of research on some sources and found on YouTube a video of this lady making a cluster flower stud earrings and so I wanted to see if I can follow along. Other sources that I found that had some interesting ideas/designs for my learning project and have learned from as a guide were from Pinterest, Etsy and YouTube, etc.

Before starting the this type of earring on the left I had see what colors I had in my beading supplies in which I didn’t have the exact colors in the video so while making the earring and following along I had to change up the colors but hey that’s the whole point in beading is to be creative even though it doesn’t go your way. I can say it was challenging and difficult following each step as to having to replay the video over as I got lost a few times.

After learning how to do this cluster of flowers stud earring I wanted to do another but bigger and more challenging however there were times I had to redo part of the earring that shows on the right and then things would get knotted but I worked around that. A few times I had to go back to the video to see about the edges because this was new for me as I only new how to the diamond shape. The video and finishing off my stud flower earring helped me to create the earring on the right. Once I got the hang of the edges I was able to finish my one side of the earring that shows on the right. This one took a bit longer than usual.

My experience following along and doing my learning project via online through resources has been difficult as I do not like it however in today’s society everything is online and so learning via online throughout my second year in my program (YNTEP) has been a bit of an adjustment and difficult but I managed to make it work especially with my daughter. Personally, I find I learn better being in a class or being surround by my family and sisters where I can ask her questions about my progress in my beading but that is not the case. In the end I am happy that there are places to look online to help me in my process of finishing my beaded earrings as well as calling my sister for help every now and then. One thing I have to remember is to complete my other side of my earrings as I tend to get distracted when it comes to doing things like this and then I am doing another project different from my beading.

3 thoughts on “Trying out something different with my beading – Learning Post #5

  1. Karlee Andres

    Oh my, those are gorgous! You are doing a fantastic job of your learning project! It is so great that you are challenging yourself!

  2. Taylor Blake

    Hey Rosalie!
    Great post! I can really appreciate that you are challenging yourself with this post. The end product is beautiful and I like that you included photos. I would definitely like to see more links if possible as I have no idea where I would start to even look for supplies etc. Thanks for the post! Look forward to seeing more from you!

  3. firth22

    Hey Rose that looks awesome! Wow I never knew about the cluster earrings and this was new to me. Your very talented and I hope you further into beading. You can do anything you put your mind to and I just want to thank you for always helping me when I was discouraged. Your a role model to many, thank you for being you! 🙂


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