My experience of Cyber Sleuthing and Digital identity

In my group of three, we decided to cyber sleuth one another where everyone was searching a different person (not ourselves) within our group and I can personally say I didn’t like gathering personal information about that person from my EDTC 300 class and through the internet as I felt it was invading that person personal space, privacy and life. It felt awkward having to search about them instead of communicating in person. Growing up my parents has taught us kids to respect a persons privacy as well as respect everyone where they are not of your family. After gathering information I showed and discussed with her about the information I gathered and asked if it was okay to add information on the activity sheet as I know the lady. While talking within our group, one thing I liked when searching about her is how her digital identity or digital footprint was set to mostly private where she only share some basic information about herself.

12 Tips To Help Students Manage Their Digital Footprint
Great tips to keep your digital identity private and safe.

The activity was a different experience and having to gather information on someone instead of reaching out in person shows how technology has changed dramatically. In todays society you can literally search anyone on the internet and a whole lot of information would come up about their biography depending on if it is public and see who they are just from their profile. Social media really takes a toll within society and the world where prejudice comes in. There is a saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” as you don’t know what they (that person) has been through. In todays society within social media and technology when searching someone through the internet you’re are to keep in mind to be respectful.

I was shocked to hear and see about my digital identity and what is out there on the internet when you search my identity. This reminded me of the article I read for this weeks class “Having multiple online identities is more normal than you think”. Some great advice I was given was to be aware of my digital footprint and change your settings. All that time I thought my settings were on private but now seeing about what information people can gather about me, I need to change and fix my digital footprint to private. In our group the lady who was gathering information on me, we sure laughed when hearing a funny thing in my profile and I was so embarrassed as I haven’t updated my profile for so long. Personally I am not one for having a lot of different accounts however, being in this class really has opened my eyes to many things regarding technology, social media’s, digital footprints, digital citizenship and so much more.

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  1. Jenn New

    I totally relate to you saying how uncomfortable it was to dive into other peoples’ private lives, so strange. And when you spoke about how prejudice really rears its head in social media, the concept of “don’t judge a book by its cover” becomes a principle of the past as that is exactly what we do now, which is so unfortunate. Times surely have changed, and our digital footprint has become the book cover upon which we are judged. So, it is good that we took this class to learn how to create a positive image, one that reflects who we are, at least to some extent, and the importance of our digital footprint in the professional world. Thank you for your reflective post 😊


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